Earth Hour Fertilising Plant Spikes

Earth Hour is happening again in March 27, 2010, raising global and local awareness of the need for a sustainable planet. In 2009 the Earth Hour commissioned the award-winning augmented reality project “Earth In Your Hands”, encouraging more than 35,000 people to create a 3D Earth. In 2010 “Plant Spikes” project is taking the Earth Hour initiative to connect with staff in Australian office buildings. Spikes are being created to be planted into office pot plants distributed by plant hire companies during usual watering rounds. Ink used in the spikes contains natural plant fertiliser that is released to feed the pot plant as the spike biodegrades in the soil. The message on the plant spikes is simple, “I help your environment. Please help mine.”

Earth Hour Plant

Earth Hour Plant


The Plant Spike campaign was developed at Wunderman, Sydney, by copywriter Theodora Gerakiteys, art director Paulo Meucci, creative director Matt Batten and production manager Paul Hayes.

STI Lilyfield printers developed FSC-certified paper and an organic liquid fertiliser was mixed with vegetable-based inks to create fertiliser-rich ink capable of superior quality print that benefits the plant as it naturally breaks down.

Plants are being distributed by TPR Group, which supplies office plants to more than 1500 businesses across Australia.

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