Doritos King of Ads 2010

Pepsico has launched the 2010 season of “Doritos – King of Ads”, offering film makers (professional and amateur) a chance to win up to £200,000 in prize money as well as fame in the UK. Everyone who is aged over 18 and lives in the UK and the Republic of Ireland is eligible to enter. Entries must be 29 seconds long, preferably shot in 16:9 perspective, and uploaded to before 30th April 2010. The top 15 will be invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of experts and celebrities, including Lauren Laverne, David Shane and Noel Clarke. Online public will the have the opportunity of voting on the top three between May 19 and June 10. The winning advert will win £100k, and an extra £1 for each vote they receive – up to £200k, before airing in the UK during June 12 to July 11, 2010. The competition also provides prizes for the top 100, top 50 and top 15 advertisements.

Doritos King of Ads competition

Pete Charles, Marketing Manager, Doritos, said: “This is an incredible opportunity for anyone wanting to make a name for themselves in the world of advertising or earn a life changing amount of money. In true Doritos style your adverts can be as bold, left field or as funny as you can make them – good luck!”

Click on the image below to play the Miquita Oliver’s explanation in YouTube

Doritos Tribe: The 2008 Winner

The winner of You Make It, We Play It was Doritos Tribe by Matt B from London. A man arrives home with a delicious bag of Doritos, plonking them on the table he leaves to tend to something else. Whilst away a tribe of Doritos escape from the packet to perform a quick sacrifice to the God of Salsa. the man returns interupting the ceremony, opening the pot of salsa he is confused to find a dorito already inside. Deciding his love for doritos outwieghs his suspicion the man devours the doritos. The Salsa God is appeased.

Click on the image below to play Tribe, the 2008 winner, in YouTube

For more up to the minute information, hints and tips, see the Doritos UK King of Ads site, Doritos UK Twitter feed and the Doritos Facebook site, YouTube channel and Vimeo channel.

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  • Paul Solomons

    Great fun competition. Please check out my entry at and then visit the guestbook to add your voice to the campaign.

  • Matthew Dumont

    Great competition. We’re pleased with the response to our entry ‘Shooting Weekend’…

  • Matthew Dumont
  • Jason Fairley

    It’s a fun competition, and last year’s winner was well deserved. One great thing about this year’s competition is that the organizers made 74 tracks of music available for use in one’s ad, something which is such a no-brainer in retrospect. I don’t think we would have been able to go out an record the track we used in our ‘MAN Vs. CHILLI’ ad ourselves:

  • Adam Tanner

    Awesome experience! Hopefully my advert reflects my hard work put in…