Dior Homme – Un Rendez Vous

Dior Homme, the menswear division of French clothing retailer Christian Dior, is running “Un Rendez Vous”, an online short film directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Jude Law and Slovakian model Michaela Kocianová. The film begins with Law’s character speaking into a telephone, seeming to threaten the unheard voice on the other end, exclaiming, “You’re going to regret saying that. Scared? Is that right? Of course you are. What, two of you? We’ll see. Ohhh, when I find you, and I will find you, you’re going to wish you’d never been caught.” Law’s busty blonde suitemate balefully helps him don a suit before he trudges out to fulfill his mission.

Jude Law in Dior Homme Un Rendezvous

Michaela Kocianová in Dior Homme Un Rendezvous

As Law drives through Paris’ nighttime streets, the other half of his previously made phone call plays over the scene, and is revealed to have been delivered by a woman, in tones that are more sexually suggestive than threatening. “There may be two of me,” she says: “Me, and Naughty Me.” The video, set to increasingly dramatic music, is a beautiful montage of driving shots, panoramic city scenes, and portraiture, as each character is shown in deep contemplation as they prepare for their rendezvous. The movie climaxes with the pair standing several lengths apart, silhouetted against the Eiffel Tower in an empty plaza at sunrise, each determining whether or not the other is their mystery date.

Dior Homme Un Rendezvous

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The Rendez Vous film was commissioned by Dior Homme creative director Robert Lussier and director of creative services Mia Forsgren.

Filming was shot by director Guy Ritchie via Anonymous Content with director of photography Philippe Rousselot, executive producer/head of commercials Dave Morrison, head of production Sue Ellen Clair, producer Dominic Freeman, production supervisor Laura Southall.

Editor was James Herbert. Post production was done at The Mill, London, by colorist Adam Scott, post production coordinator Chris Batten, Flame artist Jay Bandlish and Flame assistant Gareth Parr. Audio post production was done at Wave Studios, London.

Music is “Exogenesis Symphony, Part 1”, performed by UK band Muse.