Diesel Facepark Analog is Stupid

Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign has gone analog in Germany with the launch of “FacePark”, a live event designed to replace Facebook’s smart digital framework. The social event, held on June 20 in Berlin, provided an environment for Diesel fans to interact with each other using a real life cardboard profile cut-out analog wall, demonstrating that while Digital may be smart, Analog is “Stupid” in the Diesel sense.

Facepark Boxes

Click on the image below to play the Facepark Event video.

Festival punters were able to update their status on their cardboard box, write comments, and list some of their friends. People could then become friends with others by attaching their name to a friend’s cardboard profile. Cardboard stands complete with actors were created for fan groups or applications such as Farmville and Mafia Wars, which people could then comment upon using stickers. They could add “like” stickers to people, groups and comments.

Diesel Facepark Mafia

Diesel also created giant foam hands with which to “poke” fellow Faceparkers as well as small Frisbees upon which people could write messages before throwing to a friend. Bands including the Hotlaing, Bodi Bill and Holden Caulfield provided the entertainment.

Diesel Facepark Music

The Analog is Stupid campaign is online at www.facepark.org, with event details, a community section, and a range of viral videos. The site urges people to join on Facebook at the STUPID IS ANALOG page.

Diesel Birth of Facepark

Diesel  Facepark Bands

One video asks people to create their “Ass Status,” i.e. log into their Facebook account, put the cursor into the status bar and then sit on your keyboard before posting whatever random combination of letters appeared. Click on the image below to play the Facebook Ass Status video.

The stupid search at stupidsearch.org provides a stupid analog alternative to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Type in “Parasol Island” for a bit of fun.

Diesel Analog Search


The Facepark campaign was developed at DDB Düsseldorf, by executive creative director Eric Schoeffler, grouop creative director Dennis May, creative director Dan Strasser, senior copywriter Mihai Botarel, agency producer Johannes Haverkamp, account team Sönke Bruns and Marco Diel.

The Facepark site was developed at Parasol Island by producers Sara Dadras, Sebastian Druschel with director Lars Rosmaiti.