Dayton Boots Still Rugged

Dayton Boots in Vancouver, Canada, are being promoted on the strength of their beginnings in the Canadian logging industry. Charlie Wohlford started Dayton Boots in the winter of 1946, after gaining a reputation for repairing loggers’ boots to a better quality than when they were new. “We helped your grandad get laid. So basically, you’re our fault.” “From a simpler time when men were men and women were also those men.” “We made loggers cool. You’ll be a snap.” “Free beatdown for every maple syrup joke.” “We put the FU in Functional.” “Tough as nails mostly because of the nails.” The tagline for each ad: “Dayton Boots Stubbornly Canadian.”

Dayton Boots we got Grandad laid

Dayton Boots We Made Loggers Cool

Dayton Boots Men were Men

Dayton Boots FU in Functional

Dayton Boots Free Beatdown for every Maple Syrup Joke

Dayton Boots Tough as Nails


The Dayton Boots campaign was developed at Rethink Canada, Vancouver, by creative directors Ian Grais and Chris Staples, art director Carson Ting, copywriter Rob Tarry, producer Jim Leith and account manager Cameron Walker.

  • Alan

    Helping Canadians kick annoying Americans up the ass for over 60 years.

  • creatorswhim

    Alan, I’m sure you realize that Americans can kick themselves up the ass just fine. I would focus on keeping your boots clean, if I were you.

  • Joey

    “Americans can kick themselves up the ass just fine”

    Actually, no, they can’t.