Darth Fladder Saves The Earth for WWF

The Dark Side had a go at saving the planet during Belgium’s Earth Hour in 2008 and 2010, in an integrated advertising campaign run by WWF Belgium. The campaign featured Darth Fladder, a benign brother of Star Wars character Darth Vader, online at the Belgium Earth Hour site, Darth Fladder’s Facebook page, Darth Fladder’s Flickr photostream, and the WWF Belgium YouTube channel.

Earth Hour Dark Side Poster

Earth Hour Dark Side Poster

Earth Hour Dark Side site

Earth Hour Dark Side Poster

A commercial introducing Darth Fladder was supplemented by a series of videos showing the ecological hero on the streets drumming up support for the Earth Hour campaign.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Darth Fladder campaign was developed at Germaine, Brussels, by creative director Dirk Domen, creatives Jef Boes and Pieter Claeys and account director Christina Lemahieu.

The print ad was produced by photographer Evert Thiry with retouching done by Chester at The Living Room, Brussels.

Filming was shot by director Joost Wynant via Poetry In Motion, Brussels with produce Hans Buyse, production leader Sam Verhaert, with post production by Karel Vandezande.

The web site was developed at Gonzales.