Culture Week Nonsense Videos

Saatchi & Saatchi Milan recently targeted the younger generations of Italy with “Video Senza Senso”, (Nonsense Videos), a campaign designed to attract more visitors to Italy’s public art sites during Culture Week in April 2010. Although fifty percent of the artistic heritage of the world is housed in Italy the Italians themselves seem to be unaware of their own heritage. Un Video Senza Senso: AuNonsense Videos | A Nonsense Video Per Day was set up a month before Culture Week on a Facebook page and YouTube channel, providing free nonsense videos each day. Users were asked to help create new videos.

Nonsense Videos

After a 28-day teaser phase, with 28 nonsense videos posted, the Culture Week campaign went public online and offline. A super appeared halfway through a nonsense video saying, “You’re looking at a nonsense video for free. For the same price, you can look at a Caravaggio.” The message was delivered to all Facebook fans and to subscribers of the Youtube channel. Admissions to Italian culture sites during Culture Week 2010 reached a new record of 1,580,000 visitors, despite the impact of the Icelandic volcanic eruption.

Click on the image below to play the campaign video.


The Nonsense Video campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan, by creative directors Agostino Toscana, Alessandro Orlandi, deputy creative directors Luca Lorenzini, Luca Pannese, art director Luca Pannese, copywriter Luca Lorenzini, supporting creative team Davide Iacono, Andrea Afeltra, Riccardo Gianangeli.

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