Cristalina de Natal Water Waste Warnings

Cristalina de Natal, a mineral water bottling company in Brazil, used two print advertisements to spread the message of responsible water use. Taps and showerheads are targeted as the source of most household water waster. “nao e uma torneira mal fechada sao 46 litros de agua desperdicados por dia”, translated from Portuguese to English, reads, “Not turning off taps wastes 45 litres of water a day.” “”A água que você desperdiça e a água que você vai precisar” is translated in English as “The water that you waste is the water you’ll need.” This post was placed in honour of Blog Action Day‘s focus on water.

Cristalina Tap Water waste ad

Cristalina Shower Water waste ad


The Cristalina campaign was developed at Pandora Comunicação, Natal/RN, by creative director Caio Victoriano, art director João Filho and copywriter Tiago Mesquita.

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