Corona Refresh Who We Are

Corona Extra is strengthening market share among Hispanics in the U.S.A. with “Efresca Quienes Somos” (Refresh Who We Are), an integrated advertising campaign connecting with Latin passions of football and dance. The new campaign, aimed at Hispanic men and women ages 21-34, reminds Latinos through humor about what makes them unique, and encourages them not to lose their identity as they bridge in to American culture.

Corona Refresh Football

In “Soccer” we see two friends walking casually through a park when a soccer ball gets kicked in their direction. When one of the friends leans down and grabs the ball with his hands to return it, bleachers filled with members of the Hispanic community suddenly appear, and they all start singing a funny song to him. The lyrics remind him that Latinos always kick the ball and use their hands for other things like holding a Corona. Inspired, the Latin guy drops the ball and kicks it back to the players. The crowd cheers in celebration, welcoming him back to his Latin roots.

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In “Baile” a Hispanic man is dancing without rhythm in a hip crowded club. Suddenly, bleachers filled with people representing the Hispanic community appear, and they all start singing a funny song to him. The lyrics question if he left his moves in customs and ask him to please call Santo Domingo to have his rhythm sent back to him. They encourage the guy to go back to his Latin roots and help him find his rhythm again. A woman nearby who is impressed by his moves starts dancing with him as the crowd cheers in celebration, welcoming him back.

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The Refresh campaign was developed at La Comunidad by chief creative officer Jose Molla, executive creative directors Ricky Vior and Leo Prat, producers Lauri Malaga and Julio Rangel, account executives Maryanne Dammrich and Victor Leon.

Filming was shot by director Diego Kaplan via America Film works with director of photography Eduardo Martinez Solares and executive producer Marecelo Paiz.

Editor was Alexajandro Santangelo at Upstairs Post with producer Flor Zoccola.

Music was composed and produced by Gabriel Saientz at Promidi Music, who also looked after radio production, sound design and mix.