Copy On Money for Music

Rolling Stone Germany commissioned a print advertising campaign associated with the Money For Music project, challenging readers and listeners to pay for the music they download. Five classic rock album covers or sleeves are presented in highly deteriorated condition, the result of continual copying and recopying. “Copy on. And one day all those legendary albums will disappear. And the great bands. And all the gifted young musicians. How are they supposed to make a living when everyone downloads their work for free? Support us:”. Albums, in order of appearance, are The Beatles: Abbey Road (Road Crossing), The Who: Tommy (Square Trails), Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin (Aircraft), Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon (Prism), and Nirvana: Nevermind (Baby).

The Beatles Abbey Road album Copy On

The Beatles Abbey Road album cover

The Who Tommy album Copy On

The Who Tommy album cover

Led Zeppelin album Copy On

Led Zeppelin album cover

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album Copy On

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album cover

Nirvana Nevermind album Copy On

Nirvana Nevermind album cover


The Copy On campaign was developed for Axel Springer Mediahouse Berlin at Ogilvy Frankfurt by executive creative director/copywriter/account supervisor Stephan Vogel, creative director Helmut Meyer, art director Eva Stetefeld, copywriter Taner Ercan, art buyer Christina Hufgard, advertiser’s supervior Rainer Schmidt, consultants Peter Heinlein and Georg Fechner.