Coopers Brewery When Judgement Matters

Coopers Brewery is committed to responsible drinking, a message presented in this award-winning print advertisement from Australia. “When Judgement Matters”, the Coopers Ultralight tag line, is associated with the choice of a tattoo and piercing or a taxi. The ad was the December/January winner of the Could Be A Caxton competition, focused on the best of Australian newspaper advertising.

Coopers When Judgement Matters


The winning Coopers ad was developed at Showpony Advertising by creative director/art director Parris Mesidis, art director Joel van der Knaap, copywriters Andy Scott and Andrew Keble.

Nancy Hartley, Joint Creative Director of SapientNitro and the judge of the December/January competition, said: “The Coopers Ultralight ad wins this round for me. Simple, clear and it made me smile.”

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