Conforama Pillow Fight

French furniture store Conforama continues the Neighbours (Mes Chers Voisins) advertising campaign with a new set of television commercials featuring intergenerational interaction between apartment buildings. In “Pillow Fight” (La bataille de Polochons) a man is inspired to emulate the playful alteraction between the younger couple in the apartment across the street. In “Mr Cocktail” a man is inspired to try his hand at cocktail trickery after watching a younger pro in action through the window. “Chacun sa chambre, chacun son style”, or “Room for everyone, every style”.

Conforama Pillow Fight

Click on the image below to play the Pillow Fight video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Mr Cocktail video in YouTube


The Pillow Fight campaign was developed at DraftFCB à Paris by creative director Xavier Beauregard, art director Benoît Blumberger, copywriter : Thibaut Froment and producer Elisabeth Boitte, account team Pierre de la Caffinière, Estelle Zaquane and François Perréal, working with Conforma marketers Sophie Mouillard and Jessica Empereur.

Filming was shot by director Pedro Romhanyi via Bandits, Paris.

Music is “My Patch” by Jim Noir (Alan Roberts). The track was also used in Target’s Advent Calendar campaign in 2007. Download the track on iTunes: My Patch – Tower of Love