Conforama for the Neighbors

Conforama is known as a more traditional furniture chain in France. But with 48% of furniture buyers in France under age 35, Conforama wanted to shift perceptions and appeal to the sensibilities of this younger consumer. The “Neighbours” campaign, launched in 2009, does just that. “Mon drôle de voisin” (My Dear Neighbors) uses a nude dancing scene to motivate a couple to invest in blinds for their apartment. Two further commercials, “Back to Work”, and “Fiery Breakfast”, play on the discomfort that comes from having one’s life (or the neighbours) on display.

Conforama Dance

Click on the image below to play the Dance video in YouTube

Music is “My Patch” by Jim Noir.

Click on the image below to play the Back to Work video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Fiery Breakfast video in YouTube


The Neighbours campaign was developed at DraftFCB à Paris.

Download the track from iTunes: My Patch – Tower of Love

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