Compare the Meerkats in Russia’s Meerkat campaign has gone to Russia to trace the roots of Aleksandr Orlov’s online business with a series of three 60 second films, online at, complete with movie posters, trailers and directors commentaries. The Russian mascot for the “Compare the Market” campaign takes us back to the origin of his site by recounting his family history in a trilogy. “The Journey of Courageousness” shows us meerkats leaving the Kalahari Desert during a famine to sail to Russia. “The Battle of Fearlessness” celebrates a historic battle between meerkat and mongoose armies in the Ural Mountains. “The Streets of Ambitiousness” takes us to Aleksandr’s father comparing meerkat photographs in Moscow. Check out the Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter channel.

Compare the Meerkats Streets of Ambitiousness Poster

Click on the image below to play the video.

Click on the image below to play the Battle of Fearlessness video.

Click on the image below to play the Streets of Ambitiousness video.


The Compare the Meerkat campaign was developed at VCCP, London, by creative directors Steve Vranakis and Darren Bailes, copywriters Rich Connell and Matt Lloyd, art director Clem Woodward, agency producers Olly Claverley and Carly Parris.

Filming was shot by director Darren Walsh via Passion Pictures with director of photography Olivier Cariou and editor Jamie Foord.

Audio post-production was done at Wave Studios.