Coldplay Christmas Lights

Coldplay has launched a new music video promoting their Christmas single, “Christmas Lights”. The promo, directed by Mat Whitecross, shows the band on a stage with the words, “Credo Elvem Etiam Vivere” (I believe Elvis lives), with performers dressed as Elvis. The spot finishes with the camera pulling back to reveal the stage’s setting on the banks of the Thames in London.

Coldplay Christmas Lights on stage

Click on the image below to play the Christmas Lights music video.

Click on the image below to play the making-of video.


Filming was shot by director Mat Whitecross via Between the Eyes at Pulse Films, London, with executive producer Ben Pugh, commissioner James Hackett, producer Hannah Clark, director of photography Robbie Ryan and production manager Natalie Bayle.

Post production was done at The Brewery by Marc Knapton. Colorist was Simone Grattarola at Rushes, London. Compositing, animation, tracking, stabilization and on-line editing was done at Nearly Normal.

The stage was constructed by Steel Monkey, overseen by production designer Misty Buckley. Balloons were by iLoom.