Coca Cola RAIN on FIFA World Cup

Coca Cola is preparing to connect attention on the FIFA World Cup, to be held in South Africa, between 11 June and 11 July 2010, with “Water for Schools”, a Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) project focused on providing safe drinking water for schools in Africa. The campaign coincides with Coca-Cola Africa Foundation announcing its latest RAIN commitment, a six-year, US$30 million drive to provide at least 2 million people in Africa with clean water and improved sanitation by 2015, helping to meet the United Nations’ “Millennium Development Goals” target for access to clean water.

Coca Cola Water Goal

In Great Britain, consumers will be able to raise funds by donating points on Coca-Cola will match every point donated to buy supplies for the “Water for Schools” initiative. Collections will also be held everywhere the FIFA World Cup Trophy appears in the country as part of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola. Throughout the FIFA tournament Coca-Cola and FIFA will recognise the most entertaining goal celebrations with an online “Best Player Celebration” award, voted for by fans. Each time a player celebrates a goal with a dance, Coca-Cola will donate more funds to the Coca-Cola RAIN “Water for Schools” effort.

As Coca-Cola will be working to reduce and manage its environmental impact from marketing activities for the FIFA World Cup. Coca-Cola teams will be armed with a set of Green Guidelines for their FIFA World Cup programmes. The guidelines include measures for conserving water; keeping activation venues clean by recovering and recycling all collected bottles and cans; producing eco-friendly promotional materials; reducing energy use and using low-emissions transportation, when available.


The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation concentrates on three areas to support its RAIN goals: rehabilitation of water distribution areas; productive use of water; and protection of watersheds. The Foundation currently has community water projects in 19 African countries, reaching more than 300,000 people. Here’s a video from Swaziland, directed by Ryan Scott, focused on the use of solar power to provide clean water for schools.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Water Stewardship

Coca-Cola is trying to address longstanding concerns over the impact of its production process on water supplies around the world. The company has developed a water stewardship goal of returning to communities and to nature an amount of water equivalent to what is used in all of its beverages and their production. The strategy for achieving that goal includes reducing the water Coca-Cola uses, returning all water it uses for manufacturing to the environment at a level that supports aquatic life and agriculture, and replenishing healthy watersheds and sustainable community water programmes, to balance the water used by the Company to make finished beverages. Coca Cola’s global sustainability site and Coca Cola’s UK Corporate Responsibility site.

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