Coca Cola 89 Fans from 89

Coca Cola’s association with the game of football in Egypt was strengthened this year with “89 Fans from 89”, a campaign which has just won the Integrated Grand Prix at the Dubai Lynx Awards. Coca Cola and their advertising agency Elephant set out to find 89 football fans to build a following in the lead up to Egypt’s qualifying match against Algeria. Radio ads on morning shows were used to find 89 people who had attended the 1989 game between Egypt and Algeria, the last time Egypt qualified for the FIFA World Cup. A 3 minute TV documentary/commercial was produced, shot entirely for free. Billboards, with the words, “I was there” and the year 1989, shot up around the country. The campaign was launched online at, inviting fans to send in their memories of the game. 20,000 fans showed up at the 2010 decider wearing the 1989 t-shirt, queing to have their photos taken with the 89 fans from 89. Egypt won the game by a miraculous last minute goal.

Coca Cola I was There site

Click on the image below to play the 1989 Documentary (3 minutes) video.


The 89 Fans from 89 campaign was developed at Elephant, Cairns, by creative directors Ali Ali and maged Masasar, producer Mohamed Murad at Eleven, organizer Abdelkarim Mardini, production manager at Eleven Omar Shamaa, and director of photography Gamal El Bouchie.