Cheerios Olympic Cheers for Patrick Chan

General Mills Canada, the official provider of cereal and unprepared grocery products in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, connected breakfast with the games with “Olympic “Cheers”, online at The campaign, in English and French, provided consumers an opportunity to send their cheer or heart (coeur) on a cut-out postcard to members of the Canadian Olympic team. The concept was laid out in a television advertising campaign featuring a young boy who sends his best wishes to 18 year old Canadian figure skater Patrick Chan (turned 19 in January), to the sounds of “This Little Light of Mine”. French-language versions of the campaign, run in Quebec, used the phrase “votre coeur”, focusing on the heart shape on the cereal box, as the “send your cheer” doesn’t translate well into French.

Cheerios Olympic Cheers Dear Mr Chan

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Patrick appeared on CCTV to talk about the Cheer Wall sponsored by Cheerios.

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The Cheerios Cheer Squad was set up along the torch route all across Canada giving Canadians the opportunity to send a Cheerios “Cheer” to the Vancouver 2010 Olympians.

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General Mills has other Games-related activities including a Honey Nut Cheerios promotion that offers plush bees sporting official Roots Olympic attire. The company is also sponsoring several Canadian athletes (among them diver Alexandre Despatie and cyclist Alison Sydor), who will be featured on cereal boxes.


The Olympic Cheers campaign was developed at Cossette Communication Marketing.

Cheerios Send Your Cheer site

Cheerios Votre Coeur

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