Cheeky Check Up for Breast Cancer

National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre in Australia has developed an important campaign to raise breast awareness in women aged 20 – 39. The Cheeky Check-Up campaign takes a fresh, fun approach to the promotion of positive breast awareness messages to younger women. The campaign is online at, YouTube and Facebook. Facebook updates are being mirrored on a Twitter page.

Cheeky Check Up Site

The Cheeky Check Up campaign encourages young women to develop good breast health habits for life and reassures them that they do not need to be an expert or know a special technique to achieve this. It is particularly important for young women to be aware of breast changes because mammographic screening is not effective at finding breast cancer in its early stages in this age group. The Cheeky Check-Up campaign does not aim to fundraise or raise the profile of NBOCC, but focuses on spreading potentially life-saving messages about early detection specifically to younger women.

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