Careerbuilder Hire My TV Ad

Careerbuilder invited members of the public to submit their ideas for their next big Super Bowl commercial, in “Hire My TV Ad” campaign. Close to 1,000 entries were submitted (see the CBContest YouTube channel) and while CareerBuilder originally set out to hire only one concept, in the end, three ideas were selected, with each receiving a $100,000 prize. The winners also attended the reshooting of their concepts in California with CareerBuilder’s in-house advertising team. “Worst Seat” has been ruled “too hot” for television, which leaves “Job Fairy” and “Casual Friday” competing for the spot in the second quarter of the Super Bowl. Job Fairy

Casual Fridays

27 year old San Clemente freelance video editor and surfer Matthew Gahan came up with idea of Casual Fridays, in which an office culture becomes so informal it’s embarrassing. Click on the image below to play the Casual Friday video.

Job Fairy

52-year-old Cliffwood multimedia analyst, Joan Napoleon, came up with the idea of Job Fairy, in which an unhappy employee wishes for a new job. Click on the image below to play Joan’s Interview in YouTube

Hot Seat

Minneapolis video producer Brian Forrest came up with “Worst Seat”, a sophisticated fart joke in which an employee lights his own gas on fire. Its a foul place to work. Click on the image below to play the video.


Careerbuilder’s inhouse team were chief marketing officer Richard Castellini, senior director of advertising Cynthia McIntyre, marketing coordinator Chu Chang, creative director/copywriter Jeff Martin, creative director/art director Matt McIntyre and producer Ben Latimer.

Filming for the final commercials was filmed by director Craig Gillespie via MJZ with director of photography Emmanuel (Chivo) Lubezki, executive producers David Zander and Lisa Margulis, producer Deb Tietjen, assistant director Christian Van Fleet, production designer Alison Sadler, casting director Cathi Carlton and production supervisor Brendan Kling.

Editorial work was done at BEAST by editor John Dingfield, producer Kimberly Walsh, assistant editor Mark Bachara and executive producer Melissa Thornley.

Visual Effects were produced at Filmworkers Club by colorist Mike Mazur, lead effects artist Rob Churchill, graphics artist Rick Thompson, CG artist Charlie Peterson, VFX set supervisor Kathy Siegal, producer Derek De Board and executive producer Mary O’Gara.

Sound was designed by Stephen Dewey and Kip Smedley at MachineHead with executive producer Patty Chow Dewey. Sound was mixed at Another Country by mixer John Binder, assistant mixer Louise Rider and executive producer Tim Konn.

Music was composed by Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau at Beacon Street Studio with producer Adrea Lavezzoli.