Capital Magazine Pretenders Talking

Capital Magazine in France asserted the importance of credible objective reporting in “The Pretenders”, a print advertising campaign launched in 2009. The campaign shows men who speak from a biased point of view. A fishmonger tells us that fish are becoming overpriced. A Chinese leader tells us that counterfeits no longer exist in his country. An oil baron tells us that the electric car has no future. A priest tells us that abortions are a real drain on health department funds. A worker tells us that it’s now or never if we want to invest in real estate. George Bush Snr tells us that the last President did a great job. The byline: “Before you begin listening ask yourself who’s talking”. “Pour savoir de quoi on vous parle, demandez-vous qui vous parle”.

Capital Magazine Emir

Capital Magazine Worker

Capital Magazine Priest

Capital Magazine Chinese

Capital Magazine Butcher

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The Pretenders campaign was developed at Y&R Paris by creative directors Les Six, copywriter Josselin Pacreau, art director Sebastien Guinet, photographer Sylvain Bardin, art buyers Claire Nicaise-Schindler and Sandrine Bellanger.

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