Cannes Press Winners for 2010

Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival has disqualified the Grand Prix winner in the press contest because the Ogilvy Mexico campaign for Mattel’s Scrabble had been entered in the festival before. The new Grand Prix winner in the press category, elevated from a gold Lion, is Almap BBDO’s print campaign for Billboard magazine. The press jury awarded a total of one Grand Prix, 12 gold Lions, 21 silver Lions and 39 bronze Lions. Read on for the full list.

Gold Press Lion at Cannes

Grand Prix Campaign

Billboard Brazil, Billboard Yourself, Bono, Eminem, Amy, Britney, Marilyn, AlmapBBDO, Brazil

Gold Campaign

Klunter Adhesive, Horse, Porcelain, Robot, Y&R Colombia
Volkswagen Golf, Moose, Tree, Rock, DDB Germany
FujiFilm F70, Funeral, Poker, Airport, RMG, India, Sandals, Middle England, Piers, M&C Saatchi, UK
Volkswagen Independent Cinema, Terminator, Toy Story, Speed, Gremlins, King Kong, Back to the Future, DDB UK
St John Ambulance, Abigail, Samuel, Tony, Keiko, Gary, BBH, UK
Conqueror Papers, Spiritual Guru, Royal Rajput, Kathakali Dancer, Taproot India
Billboard Brazil, Billboard Yourself, Bono, Eminem, Amy, Britney, Marilyn, AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Editions Points Famous Speeches, Luther King, Churchill, Gandhi, Marcel Paris, France
Wrangler, Red P01, PO2, P03, Fred & Farid, France


Conqueror Papers, Kathalaki Dancer, Taproot India

Silver Campaign

Evian, Boy1, Boy2, Boy3, Girl1, Girl2, Euro RSCG, France
Tide Dirt Magnets, Coffee, Ink, Egg, Ketchup, Leo Burnett India
Midea Security Camera, Antique, Safe, Car, Ogilvy Shanghai, China
Kitadol, Wrestler, Thai Boxer, Boxer, Prolam Y&R, Chile
Frolic Dog Biscuits, Sofa, Swimming Pool, Limo, CLM BBDO, France
VW Crafter, Forest, Wedding, Ogilvy Cape Town, South Africa
VDO Rear View Cameras, Truck, Van, Camper, DDB Milan, Italy
Shock and Soul, Park, Pub, Shop, RKCR Y&R, UK
Karana Travelgear, Steel Bed, Wooden Bed, Luxury Bed, Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok, Thailand
Editions Points, Luther King, Churchill, Gandhi, Marcel Paris, France
VH1, Rapper, Latino, Blues, Pop Diva, (2) Y&R, USA
Rolling Stone Campaign Against Free Music Downloads, Road Crossing, Baby, Aircraft, Prisma, Square Trails, Ogilvy Frankfurt, Germany
Neenah Paper, Polar Bear, Walrus, Reindeer, Pelican, Y&R Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sete Leguas Professional Boots, Paper Man, Balloon Man, Snow Man, Talent, Brazil
Amnesty International, Mugabe, Mubarak, Kim Jong-Il, JWT Spain
Amnesty International, Beating, Execution, Rebels, Colenso BBDO, New Zealand
Samusocial, Woman, Young Man, Old Man, Publicis Conseil, France


Alukim Foil, Fish, JWT Mexico
3M Cushion Wrap, Marble, Creative Juice\Bangkok (TBWA), Thailand
Harvey Nichols, Wolves (2), Y&R Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hooters Happy Hour, Camouflage, Ogilvy Guatemala
CNN Turk, Camera Man, DDB, Turkey
Virgin Mobile, Lost and Found, Bates 141, India
Organic Town, Orchard Fruit Peekaboo, Grandma’s Turkey Dinner, Pumpkin Pie, Leo Burnett Hong Kong, China
Lika Gum, Camp, Swamp, Living Room, Elephant Cairo, Egypt
Doritos, Eunice, Ian, Pat, Simone, AMV BBDO, UK
Gatorade, Drops of Sweat, AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Masterlock, Watch, Ring, Gun, FoxP2, South Africa
Kleenex, King/Fool, Yes/No, Glory/Failure (2), JWT, UK
Strepsils, Pain, Gifts, Fear, Euro RSCG Espana, Spain
Tulipan Condoms, Uncles, Aunts, Y&R Buenos Aires, Argentina
Havaianas, Banana, Taxi, Shoe, Crank, Perfume Spray, AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Havaianas Slim, Perfume Spray, Dress Code, In NYC, Being Stylish, Elephant (2), AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Masterdog Light, Countryside, Kitchen, Pool, Prolam Y&R, Chile
Mitsubishi Original Parts, Porcupine, Meteorite, Boy, Iceberg, BBDO Chile
Boise, Construction, Noisy Dog, Crying Kid, DDB Singapore
Canon Underwater Camera, Jacuzzi, Beach, Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide, Thailand
Tzabar Romantic, Bathroom, Kitchen, TV, ACW Grey, Israel
Aruba Tourism, Camera, Tip, Bus, Lew’Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Comics National Museum, The Strip Poker, The Fart, The Look-Out, JWT Italia, Italy
MTV Famous Crime Scene, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Tupac & B.I.G., John Lennon, Leo Burnett, Portugal
Western Union, Pound Face, Dollar Face, Renmibi Face, Zapping/M&C Saatchi, Spain
Fedex, Europe, Asia, America, DDB Brasil, Brazil
Hospital Aleman, Candy, Horse, Trampoline, Del Campo/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
EPA School of Art and Design, Dogs, Red Dots, Nails, AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Bangalore Traffic Police, Puppy Love, Just Married, Waiting Friend, Mudra DDB Group, India
Surfrider Foundation, Detergent Bottle, Shoe, Tyre, Y&R Paris, France
Doritos, Eunice, Ian, Pat, Simone, AMV BBDO, UK
Epson, Memories of Home, Memories of Life, Memories of Men, Ogilvy France
Rolling Stone Magazine, Road Crossing, Baby, Prisma, Ogilvy Frankfurt, Germany
The Fridge, Man, Fish, Jar, Spider, Monster, TBWA\RAAD, United Arab Emirates
Gambol Sandals, Red, Green, Yellow, Spa-Hakuhodo, Thailand
Cheer Dark, Artist, Rocker, Cowboy, Leo Burnett Toronto, Canada

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