Cadbury Tumbles Machine

Cadbury South Africa has relaunched the Tumbles brand with a TV commercial along with a full pack renovation. Aimed at guys between the ages of 25 and 35, the commercial shows a group of young adults designing and test driving a Rube Goldberg machine, using Cadbury’s chocolate peanut and fruit snack balls. The ending drives home the message, “the fun ends when the tumbles run out”.

Cadbury Tumbles Machine

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Tumbles machine ad was developed at Promise Brand Specialists, Johannesburg, by creative director Marc Watson, art director Wynand Janse van Rensburg and copywriter Andrew Moore.

Filming was shot by director Erik Van Wyk via Bouffant, Johannesburg, with producer Melina McDonald and director of photography Peter Tischhauser.

Promise creative director Marc Watson notes, “We felt that the commercial needed to be taken in one take to be believable. This was a highly technical process. More than 17,000 Cadbury Tumbles had to be weighed to get only 8 Tumbles with the correct weight and circumference to be able to flow through the machine and trigger each phase of its journey.”

Post production was done at Left Post. Editor was Saki Bergh.