Burger King Typography

Burger King in Germany is promoting the burger, wrap and fries in a print advertising campaign in which the products are depicted typographically with expressions relating to their great taste.

Burger King Typography

“Lecker knackig saftig frisch kross knackig scharf hochgenuss schleck wurze die likht gut geschmacksexplosion Fingerab schleck” translates in English as “Yummy crunchy juicy fresh crisp crunchy sharp pleasure lick the seasoning well likht finger licking taste explosion”

Burger King Typography

Burger King Typography


The Typography campaign was developed at Interone, Munich, by executive creative directors Marco Mehrwald and Thomas Pakull, creative director Shin Oh, art director/copywriter Christopher Grouls, copywriters Bernd Nagenrauft and Lars Haensell, account executives Katharina Aschauer and Max Wiemann, with iIllustration by Serial Cut, Spain.

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  • Stephan Ganser

    Problem: talking (or typographing) about taste is not necessarily tasty.

  • Brent Heatley

    Nice, but why did they stop at the advertising? The typography idea could be taken right through to point of purchase by wrapping the takeout products in newspaper – a touch of nostalgia for the days when the simplest tastiest food came in newsprint.