Budweiser Bridge

Budweiser rallies community spirit with “Bridge”, a television commercial premiered during the second quarter of the 2010 Super Bowl. A town’s access to the outside world has just been cut off with the destruction of the bridge. No one really cares it until it’s known that there’s a Budweiser truck waiting to make a delivery. Adults of legal drinking age rush through the town to form a human bridge. All’s great until the delivery guys need to head back.

Budweiser Bridge


The Budweiser Bridge ad was developed at DDB Chicago by group creative director Barry Burdiak, creative director John Hayes, creative director/art director Steve Bougdanos, creative director/copywriter Patrick Knoll, executive director of integrated production Diane Jackson, executive producer Will St. Clair and senior producer Scott Kemper.

Filming was shot by director Paul Middleditch via AWhiteLabelProduct, Los Angeles, with executive producers Ellen Jacobson-Clarke, Annique DeCaestecker and Oliver Hicks, head of production Lynn Zekanis and producer Anna Joseph.

Editor was Davis Baxter at Panic & Bob with executive producer Sam McLaren.

VFX were produced at The Mill, New York, by executive producer Verity Grantham, producer Camila De Biaggi, senior Flame artist Westley Sarokin.

  • Deux Doppel

    So will the sequel show them trying to recreate that bridge while under the influence, or will the truck drivers stay the night?

  • Benson

    Does anyone know the name of the song in this comercial???

  • james cecorn

    song is ‘stripes march’ from the movie stripes (bill murray)

    listen here:

  • Mary

    Wasn’t that song from a show years ago like Bonanza or something like that?

  • Paula

    did anyone ever answer you about this movie or TV show? What is that song from? It is killing me. I can’t figure it out.

  • Benson

    I know that song is from the Movie Strips, but I wondering what the name is? can’t seem to find it on the soundtrack.

  • Benson

    I finaly found it!!! It think it is the Stripes Trailer though. They sound a bit differnt. Thanks for you help guys! Have a great day!!