Bruno Mars I Love You Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars/ (Peter Gene Hernandez) has hit the viral video charts with his music video for “I Just Love You Just The Way You Are”, from his album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. Directed by Ethan Lader, the video features actress Nathalie Kelley and art inspired by Erika Iris Simmons. A cassette tape from a walkman becomes the material for a range of portraits.

Bruno Mars tape in Music Video

Click on the image below to play the video.


Filming was shot by director Ethan Lader with producer Roger Ubina at Alliance Media Group, director of photography Brian Garbellini and colorist Bob Curreri. Visual effects were produced at Kroma.

The video was inspired by the work of Erika Iris Simmons, Simmons’ Ghost in the Machine series, online at Flickr, showcases a number of portraits of musicians made out of recycled cassette tape with original cassette. Also included are portraits made from old film and reels. The idea comes from a phrase (ironically) coined by philosopher Gilbert Ryle, a description of how your spirit lives in your body. Simmons imagines we are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging.

Erika Iris Simmons Ghost in the Machine series