Broccoli the Miracle Food in Canada

The Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) and john st., Toronto have just revealed that a five-week campaign featuring the virtues of broccoli, was not for broccoli at all. Instead, it was to prove that television advertising can sell anything. Back in January 2010, a TV campaign aired for broccoli pitting its “miraculous” health benefits against other so-called miracles. Three commercials, “Parachute”, “Octuplets” and “Chimney”, each starring Canadian actor Anand Rajaram, pointed viewers to one site, The Chimney spot was withdrawn after the Haiti earthquake.

Broccoli Miracle Guy

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After just five weeks on air, without any other form of communication or marketing efforts, the “Miracle Food” TV campaign had attracted some serious attention. Facebook fan pages and groups were set up by followers, such as Broccoli is a Miracle, along with tribute spoof videos on YouTube. Anand Rajaram’s “The Real Broccoli Miracle Food Guy” fan page has become popular in Canada. Broccoli sales were up 8% over the previous year, with an extra 188,574 pounds of broccoli going into grocery carts across Canada each month.

Broccoli the Miracle Food site

TVB has launched a print advertisement extolling the success of the campaign and reminding businesses to keep television advertising in their budgets.

TVB Broccoli Campaign print ad

“This case study definitively proves the ongoing power of television advertising.” says Theresa Treutler, president and CEO of the Television Bureau of Canada. “It also demonstrates the effectiveness of television as the foundation for multi-screen communication strategies.”


The Broccoli campaign was developed at john st., Toronto, by creative directors Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker, associate creative director/copywriter Chris Hirsch, associate creative director/art director Nellie Kim, account team Adam Zolis, Dave Legendre, Andrew Godfrey, and agency producer Nicole Andrisevic.

Filming was shot by director Brian Lee Hughes via OPC, Toronto, with executive producer Harland Weiss, line producer Tara Handley and director of photography Tico Poulakakis.

Editor was Jon Devries at School Editing, Toronto. Post production was done at Topix, Toronto. Sound was produced at Vapor, Toronto.