BP Dustvertising in Dubai

BP Visco’s Dustvertising campaign in Dubai has won the Direct and Sales Promotion Grand Prix at the 2010 Dubai Lynx Awards. As 80 percent of the United Arab Emirates is desert, cars are constantly covered in a layer of sand. MEMAC Ogilvy & Mather’s team recognised the cars as a public canvas for promoting BP’s “30% cleaner” message. The team created a large stencil for brushing clean the silhouette of an engine and the BP message on car bonnets all over Dubai. The cars were both parked and driven en masse in high footfall areas all over Dubai. In the same locations, stenciled fliers were placed on car windows of other motorists offering them 30% off their next Visco oil change.

BP Dustvertising Stencil

BP Dustvertising Stencil on Bonnet

BP Dustvertising Stencil

“For a campaign that cost just a few hundred dollars, the return on investment was immeasurable. We got out on the street and spoke directly to our target audience. The responses and reactions were sensational. The inspired creativity got consumers talking, and the unconventional medium meant that, without fail, everyone needed a double take.”


The Dustvertising campaign was developed at Memac Ogilvy, Dubai, by executive creative director Till Hohmann, creative director Robin Smith, art director Gary Rolf, copywriter James Bisset, designer Mark Cruzem, production designer Gregory Richmann, production manager Sukesh Babu, client business director Richard Woodward, account manager Mark Jordan, with BP/Castrol channel development manager Jayakumar Natarajan.