Bluejuice Aint Telling the Truth

Sydney band Bluejuice has released a music video for their single, “Ain’t Telling The Truth”, connecting vocalist Jake Stone with the character of Pinnochio. The video centers on an interchange between a man (Jake), his girlfriend (Lotte St Clair), and the private investigator she has hired to catch him out (Stavros Yiannoukas). As Jake tries to lie his way out of his indiscretions, his nose grows like Pinocchio’s and turns to wood. The ensuing madness is witnessed by girlfriend on the side (Nicole Cleverley), and band members in the kitchen, Jamie Cibej, Jerry Craib and James Hauptmann. Nice little touch with the appearance of what could well be Jiminy Cricket.

Jake in Bluejuice Ain't Telling the Truth music video


Filming was shot by director/stills DOP Sam Bennetts with director of photography Stefan Duscio, production designer Marc Barold, producer Craig Deeker at The Gingerbread Man.

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