Biodiversity Less is Less

The European Commission for the Environment is running a Europe-wide advertising campaign to raise awareness of the impact of disappearing species. “Biodiversity”, a commercial shot by Belgian director Toons Loenders, makes the connection between the disappearance of wildlife and the destiny of humanity. The clip aims to highlight how the loss of any link in the chain of life, however insignificant it may appear, can upset the whole balance of nature. The campaign is built around the slogan, “We are all in this together”, and is online at In the first six weeks of the campaign the website, which is available in all EU languages, registered more than 550,000 page views with the number growing daily. Some 56,000 people from more than 120 countries have declared their support on the biodiversity Facebook pages.

Dioversity Sparrow

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Biodiversity campaign was developed at Ogilvy Brussels by Babak Hoseiny, Philip Schiebold, Bernard Cornut and Serge Audino, and at Mostra, Brussels, by Maria Van Hameldonck.

Filming was shot by director Toon Loenders via Latcho Drom, Brussels, with producer Gerda Coppen, director of photography Danny Elsen and animator Isabel Bouttens. Post production was done at Condor Brussels by compositor Herman Germeijs. Location production services were provided by Visual Kitchen, South Africa.

Music “Garden”, by Winter Family, was accessed by music researcher Alick Sethi.