Biathlon Shooting at Winter Olympics

13eme Rue, the French Suspense and Action Channel, has provided a sinister edge to the Winter Olympics with “Biathlon”, a commercial prepared for the 2006 Games held in Turin, Italy. A commentator coolly introduces us to Swedish competitor Bjorn (or is it Hurstrom?), a biathlon competitor on skiis with a rifle. Bjorn is competing with the Frenchman, Pierre, but could be taken out by the Russian, Yourchiev. Fortunately the ensuing mess will be cleaned up by the German, Fregel, who has a singular technique with a rocket launcher. If the crime channel 13th Street made sports shows, they’d look like this.

13eme Rue Biathlon Shooter

Pub version longue 13ème Rue Biathlon 2006 by Pixel-Mort


The Biathlon spot was developed at BETC Euro RSCG, Paris, by creative director Stéphane Xiberras, art director Remi Tricot, copywriter Olivier Couradjut, agency producer Virgini Chalard.

Filming was shot by director Trevor Cornish via Spy Films, Toronto, and Hamster, Paris, with line producer Peter Oad, director of photography John Lindsay and executive producer Luc Frappier.

Biathlon won a Silver Award at the Epica Awards 2006 and the New York Advertising Awards.