Be Still in Abu Dhabi

“Be Still”, a television commercial created for Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, has won a Bronze Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival, in recognition of excellence in copywriting. The ad takes us on an honest, emotionally rich and poetic journey deep into the heart of the true Abu Dhabi welcome.

Be Still in Abu Dhabi

Be still so you may hear the dreams of the people below.
Pay no attention to the impossible they whisper- for it does not belong here.
As the road rises, you find the land majestic, calm,
The space, the air, the breeze, the buzz, the thrill and the beckon beyond,
Engaging, refuge, home, inviting but never foreboding.
The beast’s heart will pound besides ours.
As night crackles electric, a million promises are held
Day rewards night with the perfect dawn
And dawn rewards in turn
And nature rewards an inquisitive mind,
In a land where the impossible is defined
and ignored.

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The Be Still ad was developed at TBWA\Raad, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, by executive creative director/copywriter Martin Lever, copywriter Timothy Brothers, agency producer Richard Forbes-Robertson, account manager Nick Mcelwee.

Filming was shot by director Hadi via Boomtown Productions, Dubai. Music is by Matt Faddy.