BBC Knowledge Honk If You’re Human

BBC Knowledge, available on Channel 612 on Australian subscription TV platform FOXTEL, is being given a new push with “Honk If You’re Human”, the third in a series of stop motion animated television commercials. The spot takes the viewer on a humorous journey though some of humanity’s great and not-so-great achievements, ending on the BBC Knowledge brand positioning of “A little knowledge goes a long way”. It’s a follow-up to the much-lauded “Eat Up Brain” and “Moon Week” ads.

BBC Knowledge Honk commercial

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The Honk If You’re Human campaign was developed at Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney, by executive creative directors Justin Drape and Scott Nowell, creative director Noah Regan, art director Matt Heck, copywriter Damian Fitzgerald, agency producers Thea Carone and John Ruggiero, group content director Dan Beaumont, account director Kristen Hardeman, content manager Brad Firth, working with BBC marketing director Amanda McGregor and BBC marketing executive Hannah Bullimore.

Filming was shot by director/animator Sean Pecknold via Grandchildren, New York, with executive producer Aaron Ball, producer Brian Waldron, animator Britta Johnson, art assistant Randy Bretzin.

Sound was designed and mixed by Justin Braegelmann, Seattle. Recording was done at Song Zu, Sydney, with sound mixer Simon Kane and Virginia Welsh.

Click on the image below to play the Eat Up Brain video.

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