Barnardos Teens’ Speech

Barnardos in the UK has raised the profile of teenagers in the UK with The Teens’ Speech, a project giving young people a chance to address the nation. The Teens’ Speech, broadcast on MySpace on Christmas Day, 2009, gave young people the chance to speak out on a range of profoundly important issues and provide the rest of us with an extraordinary opportunity to see the future through their eyes. The final film, over 17 minutes long, is a touching, funny, eye-opening and inspiring view of teenagers.

Barnardos The Teens' Speech

Barnardo’s wants a future where young people are free to express themselves openly without fear of disapproval. We want to help foster a culture of understanding between generations in an age when it seems the most vulnerable members of society are also the most demonised and misunderstood.

Click on the image below to play the 2 minute introductory video.

The Poke London team behind the campaign travelled up and down the UK, from cities to leafy country hamlets, filming young people with something to say. They also encouraged young people to get involved online, with chances for contribution and dialogue at MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel and

The Teen’s Speech, 17 minutes 13 seconds long, went live on the front page of MySpace on Christmas Day 2009 with a massive 32,983 views. YouTube in the UK also placed the video on their front page.

Click on the image below to play the Christmas Day video.

Spoken word artist, Kate Tempest, contributed a passionate, lyrical poem based on the interview transcripts of every young person involved in the making of the film.

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The Teens’ Speech campaign was developed at Poke London with director Virginia Quinn, director of photography Will Pugh, editor Dave Depares, sound engineer Steven, studio manager Candy, project manager Claire, social outreach manager Ollie Danger and social networker Vik Sharma.