Barclay Card Rollercoaster Extreme Game

Barclays have followed up the success of their Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme game with Rollercoaster Extreme. The new iPhone app challenges players to ride the rails, beat the clock, as they ride the suburbs of New York, with a chance to enter a global competition and become the world leader of Rollercoaster extreme. The Waterslide Extreme game has been downloaded over 12 million times and hit the number one spot in 57 countries. Every month, for six months, BarclayCard will be rewarding the top scorer with an iPad. The four all time top scorers will be sent on a trip to Las Vegas for the Rollercoaster Extreme game playoffs and the chance to win £50,000. The games relate to the Waterslide and Rollercoaster television and cinema commercials.

Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme Game

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The Extreme Game series was developed at Dare, London and Fishlabs, Germany.

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