Barack Obama Weatherproof

Weatherproof Garments, no stranger to media controversy, has hit the news with the White House response to the use of Barack Obama’s photograph in a prominent Times Square billboard advertisement. The advertisement shows Obama wearing a Weatherproof Ultra-Tech winter coat while visiting the Great Wall of China on November 18, 2009. “A Leader in Style” reads the tag line.

Barack Obama Waterproof jacket poster

Barack Obama Waterproof jacket poster

Weatherproof president Freddie Stollmack said he first saw the picture in a newspaper while Mr Obama was on his trip to China in November. The photograph, taken by Charles Dharapak, 18 November, was bought from Associated Press along with the right to use it in advertisement. Weatherproof has agreed, however, to take down the billboard after two weeks, giving time to develop an alternative advertisement and opportunity for press attention.

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  1. Jeff Vitkun says:

    The AP has said that legally the licensee (Weatherproof) still had to “obtain proper clearances”.

    Since they obviously didn’t do that I can only assume this was a publicity stunt.

  2. MACIEK says:


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