Back Your State of Origin

Australia’s NRL (National Rugby League) was the focus for many Queensland and NSW last night, with Queensland’s Cane Toads defeating the NSW Cockroaches 34 – 6 in the second 2010 State of Origin game. The series brings together players based on their state of origin, rather than their current residence. This year’s season has brought supporters together on Facebook, at MyNRL, including a “Back Your State” jersey app.

NRL Back Your State jerseys

NRL Back Your State Jersey app

The Facebook app allows you to “Back Your State” and pledge your allegiance to either QLD or NSW by creating your own footy jersey complete with name and number. The app then saves your jersey image, allows you to tag it and finally make it your profile picture to show your friends exactly who you support. It also shows a scoreboard of NSW vs QLD supporters for good measure.

via Aden Hepburn at Digital Buzz, head of digital at Ideaworks.

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