Austar Try a New Life

AUSTAR, Australia’s leading regional subscription TV service, is encouraging Australians to “Try a new life”. The recently launched advertising campaign promotes the benefits of AUSTAR’s MyStar digital recording device, with TV, print, digital, outdoor, radio and point of sale material. The first two of eight commercials, Lookout and Family Holiday, provide a quirky introduction to the concept of swapping with friends to try out alternative experiences.

Austar Family Holiday

Click on the image below to play the Lookout video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Family Holiday video in YouTube


The Try a New Life campaign was developed at Three Drunk Monkeys by executive creative directors Justin Drape and Scott Nowell, creative director Leslie Ali, lead creatives Nick Morrisey and Bradley Averil, group content director Carolyn Contois, content director Emily Thompson, content manager Daniel Deutsch, content executive Georgie Harvey, agency producer Thea Carone.

“The idea was to demonstrate how watching TV with MyStar allows you some freedom to live a different kind of life. The campaign just has some fun with that notion,” said Leslie Ali, Creative Director, Three Drunk Monkeys

Filming was shot by Chelsea director Rick LeMoine via The Shooting Gallery with producer Cath Anderson.

  • Balazs

    Hmmmmm, these ads are crap.

    Is an advertisement not meant to showcase the benefits of a product or service? It can do this in any number of ways – functional, emotional… whatever.

    But these ads just seem confusing and completely unrelated to the product. I find myself wondering “Why the hell is this guy having a picnic with some chick if he doesn’t know her?”

    Sure, having Austar can mean you can record stuff when you’re out. But surely there’s a fun, emotive way to show that AND show something of the product too.

    You see an ad for an iPad or iPhone and it captures emotion – the excitement and buzz you’ll get from using it, all the features but in a way that relates to the buyer and what they ‘feel’ by owning it.

    These ads… just leaves me bewildered.

  • This is my favorite show.