Audi Intelligently Combined

“Intelligently Designed”, Audi’s 2009 advertisement for the 2.0 TDI A4, has been awarded for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial at the Visual Effects Society 2010 Awards. Using the concept of a giant Rubik’s Cube, the elemental assemblage of an Audi A4 2.0 TDI e is turned into a kinetic art piece. Each cylinder, valve and piston is digitally modeled after its real counterpart, allowing for a precise combination of automobile parts that assemble as realistically as they would on Audi’s factory floor, but far more elegantly.

Audi Intelligently Combined

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The Intelligently Combined campaign was developed at Kempertrautmann, Hamburg, by creative directors Gerrit Zinke, Jens Theil, Florian Weber, Tobias Ahrens, Sonke Busch, art directors Florian Schimmer and Simon Jasper Phillip, agency producer Ruth Jansen.

Filming was shot by director Carl Erik Rinsch via Markenfilm, Hamburg, with director of photography Martin Ruhe, head of production Katie Steibel.

Animation and VFX were produced at Digital Domain by executive producers Ed Ulbrich and Karen Anderson, head of production Karen Anderson, visual effects supervisor Jay Barton, VFX producer Chris Fieldhouse, CG supervisor Ronald D. Herbst, VFX coordinator Stephanie Escobar, senior Flame artist David Stern, Flame artist Matthew J.D. Bramante, editor Russ Glasgow, previs artist David Rosenbaum, animators Simon Dunsdon and Adrian Dimond, digital artists Chris Norpchen, David Liu, Masa Narita, senior compositor Rafael F. Colon, Nuke compositors Jacqueline Cooper and Sven Dreesbach, Roto artists Hilery Johnson-Copeland and Karin Last, integration tracker Peter Herlein.

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Music was composed by Thomas Suss at Audioforce. Audio post was produced at NHB, mixed by Wenke Kleine-Benne and Stefan Lugger.