AT&T Rethink Possible

AT&T has launched a rebranding advertising campaign, “Rethink Possible“, including television commercials, print and online ads, social media like Facebook, signs in stores and messages aimed at employees. The campaign plays down the letters “AT&T” and plays up the company’s globe logo. Craig Stout, senior creative director at Interbrand, New York, says that it is time to trust in the public’s recognition of the AT&T globe logo without the letters. “Recognition of the logo as the symbol of AT&T is “in the high 90 percentage” among consumers, and displaying it without the “AT&T” echoes the way Nike is recognized by its swoosh and Target by its target. The globe will frequently be displayed in different colors and styles.” The campaign is being supported online at, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

AT&T Expand Your Boundaries

AT&T Rethink Possible branding

The rebranding commercial uses bright colours, animation and typography to introduce the “Rethink possible” theme. “Expand your boundaries of Can. See whats on the other side of Too Far. Play the Angels Advocate. Outsmart Can’t. Put a restriction on your limits and expect to be wowed. Explore, try, do. Because, before it could be done, it couldn’t. These are indeed amazing times. Rethink Possible.” Five further commercials use live action to demonstrate the customer benefits of the AT&T network.

You never know which moment will be the moment. AT&T offers the fastest 3G network, so you’ll be prepared whenever it comes. Click on the image below to play the Ripple Effect video in Vimeo.

Thanks to U-verse Total Home DVR, many places can be your happy place. Click on the image below to play the Entertainment Stoppersvideo in YouTube.

“Pure Imagination”, a song from the 1971 movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, brings us back to those innocent days of childhood, which knew no boundaries, to remind us of how creativity can be rediscovered. Click on the image below to play the Birthday video.

Thanks to the simultaneous voice and data delivery on our 3G network, the best conversations can go uninterrupted. Click on the image below to play the Walking and Talking video in YouTube.

Spelling Bee focuses on AT&T’s support for Universal Broadband. Just think what would be possible if everyone had high-speed Internet…

“Blanket” celebrates the way AT&T covers 97 percent of Americans, with a tribute to artist Christo, who covers buildings and signposts in fabric. Christo’s 2005 Central Park project, “The Gates,” was used panels of material in the same shade of orange.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The rebranding campaign was developed at Interbrand, New York.

Advertising was developed at BBDO Atlanta and BBDO New York, chief creative officers David Lubars and Bobby Pearce, executive creative directors Greg Hahn and Ralph Watson, art directors Jean Robaire, Stephen McMennamy, agency producer Carolyn Carbone.

Filming was shot by Traktor with director of photography Joost Van Gelder and producer Rani Melende.

Editor was Paul Martinez at Arcade Edit. VFX were produced at Moving Picture Company, Los Angeles, by producer Andrew Bell, VFX supervisor Daniel Sanders, VFX Team Daniel Sanders, Joey Brattesani, Daniel Marsh, Ross Denner, John Cherniack, Matt Wheeler, Chris Clyne, John Roden, Patrick Mulane, Brinton Jaecks, Maciek Sokalski, and colorist Mark Gethin.

  • von

    who sings the songs in the at&t commerical

    • ty

      The song is called, “From the Morning” by Nick Drake

  • Judy Beckstrom

    Not a very good advertisement when you can’t figure out what you are advertising. Plus the website flashed so fast, I could hardly find out where to look on the net. It’s a great attention getter, loved the meat of the commercial, but I suspect most people will miss the point of it all.

    Just a couple changes at the end…it would be fantastic! Great music and entertaining…but missing the point of it all.

  • randy granger

    I don’t think the song is sung by Gene Wilder, Sounds way too young to be him and he never had that great timber.

  • perks

    Great advertisement. Well, it would be great if it even slightly reflected the experience of AT&T customers.

    I think that this campaign will simply make a glaring contradiction of what AT&T could be, yet how far it falls from this mark. I think AT&T customers will start looking for the company that really fits this ad. AT&T is not that company.

  • lisa

    I thought is sounded like Mr. Rogers. What do you think?

  • Erin

    wIth at&t’s close ties to apple products, I think the ad is great (coming from a loyal apple/at&t customer). i love the connection between technology/imagination/world at your fingertips picture that they paint for their customers in this ad.

  • SEM

    how do i find the newest rethink possible commercial. A friend of mine is in it, and i want to see it. thanks

  • After being a 10yr AT&T wireless customer I have rethought possible and decided to become a Verizon customer…Read about my experience

  • John Floundson

    AT&T needs to get unlimited data plans, all my friends that have AT&T and I hate the 2GB plan. We fell like we can’t use internet freely because we will pass the limit. Most of the time we do pass the limit, and pay $10/$20 extra. My friends and I think that we should switch to another a carrier.