ATG Know Your Horses

ATG, the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board, reminds just how much fun they can have at the horse races with the question, “Har du alla hästar hemma?”, translated in English as “Do You Know Your Horses?”. The theory behind the fun is that there can be a lot more than luck involved in placing bets. See more of the campaign online at

ATG Know Your Horses commercial

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The Know Your Horses campaign was developed at Akestam Holst, produced by agency producer Camille Geier.

Filming was shot in Valencia in 2009 by directing collective Traktor via The Producers with producer Anders Gernandt, director of photography Linus Sandgren and set designer Roger Rosenberg. Production in Valencia was by SUR Films. Post production was done at Stockholm Post (STOPP).

Alan Finley, Andrew Wentz, ATG, Åkestam Holst, Ben Lohmar,
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