ASB Creating Futures in New Zealand

ASB Bank in New Zealand has launched a new integrated advertising campaign providing a rebrand around the concept of creating futures. Developed by Droga5 NZ, the campaign includes television commercials, outdoor, print and digital advertising, an interactive site, along with new business cards.

ASB Creating Futures for NZ's next Gazillionaire

The Creating Futures website,, is rich with detail using a contemporary ‘bullet-time’ navigation and in-depth content. Despite being slow to load, the site rewards visitors with theme-related upload percentage and brand messages.

ASB Creating Futures site

ASB Creating Futures site

ASB Creating Futures site

ASB Creating Futures site

ASB Creating Futures site

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The print campaign provides a canvas for future star illustrators, designers and typographers, complete with their own urls on the ads for people to visit if they love the work. Three ads by Charl, Ralphi and Walter start the ball rolling.

ASB Charl print ad

ASB Ralphi print ad

ASB Walter print ad

“I’m living in the future. I’m the nest egg and the rainy day. I’m the ‘what if’. The ‘One Day’ and the ‘Who Knows’?’ I’m a carefully considered plan for a last minute thought. And the sensible solution for a crazy idea. I’m lots of small steps of a giant leap forward. I’m a fresh start and a new twist. The helping hand or just the push you need. I’m the small inkling, the sound board and the bigger picture. I’m where you are, where you want to be, and with you all the way. So let’s get started. I’m ASB and I help create futures.”

Outdoor panels continue the Creating Futures message.

ASB IVF panel

ASB table tennis panel

Three television and online commercials, “The Hub”, “Mint Sauce” and “Chance” and are tied with a video contest calling for submissions of moneymaking ideas or inventions. “We’re looking for New Zealand’s youngest, cleverest business brain. If you’re aged between 7 and 14 and have a great moneymaking idea or invention – like a BMX lawnmower, or solar-powered cat clippers – tell us all about it in a 60 second video and you could win a share of over $20,000! But hurry – entries must be in by Sunday 16th January 2011.” “Chance” highlights a couple’s struggle with IVF. “Mint Sauce” shows a young boy’s efforts to save for a Nintendo, linked with Pete the sheep. The campaign will continue with more episodes, bringing the two storylines together.

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The Creating Futures campaign was developed at Droga5 New Zealand, Auckland, by Mike O’Sullivan, creative director/art director Guy Robert, creative director/copywriter Corey Chalmers, agency producer Jackie Clark.

Filming was shot by director Gregor Nicholas via Flying Fish.

Print ads were designed by Walter Hansen, Lauren Marriott and Charl Laubscher.

Original music is by Franklin Road, Auckland.

  • Wade Cornell

    ASB has recently launched a new ad campaign that is very questionable .

    I contacted the Advertising Standards Authority to file a complaint and was told that they were receiving lots of complaints. The issue is a moral/social one whereas ASB probably thought they were doing a “warm fuzzy”. Crux of ad: couple can’t conceive and get a loan from ASB to do pay for IVF treatments. Below is a copy of the complaint I sent to ASB.

    This seems to be an ad that was designed to generate sympathy for an unfortunate group of people who have trouble with conception. Unfortunately their inability to afford IVF and the need to take a loan for these purposes is an extremely dangerous social concept to be selling. If potential parents can’t afford IVF how are they going to afford to have a child? There is no caveat that says that one needs a house or any collateral. What’s the collateral? The child?

    Loans are good things to help people afford to buy houses and businesses to grow. Putting people (who obviously can’t afford IVF) into debt is not a very productive approach in an era when people are being asked to increase savings. This ad was not thought out and sends a very damaging picture: “don’t think about the consequences of your actions, just go into debt for what you want now”. Or alternatively: “It’s OK to go into debt to have kids”. How is this acceptable?

    As I recall it costs around $400,000 to raise a child, this obviously takes being frugal and saving. Starting off with a debt to pay off is hardly the road towards doing this job right and could seriously undermine a couple’s ability to climb out of debt/poverty. Making a loan available to people who are emotionally desperate and possibly not thinking about the financial consequences, is not necessarily a kindness and could be seen in retrospect as cynical. It is fairly obvious that your TV couple couldn’t save enough for the treatment on their current income. With a child how will they afford a loan they couldn’t save for, plus the cost of raising the child?

    As a depositor of significant funds in your bank the only way in which I can show my extreme disapproval is by not providing those funds to a bank that encourages people who can’t afford to have kids to go into debt to do so. Being part of creating a cycle of poverty is not how I would want to see my deposits used.

    Please reconsider this ad in the full light of the social implications of the message you are sending. We would appreciate a response ASAP that tells us whether you are withdrawing the ad and a time frame.