Apple iPod Touch All Kinds of Fun

Apple has launched a new commercial for the iPod touch, demonstrating its ability to capture and play video, as well as a wide variety of games available for the platform. The commercial ends with a highlight of the iPod Touch’s new FaceTime video calling feature first introduced with the iPhone 4 and now made possible in the iPod touch by its front-facing camera. Music is “Come Home” by Brooklyn NYC band Chappo.

Apple iPod Touch All Kinds of Fun commercial

Click on the image below to play the video.

Under the table, nobody’s there
Under the ceiling, under the stairs
A funny feeling, my head is sleeping
I want you to be home

ba na na nah na nah

In the morning
I’m waiting for you
To come back home

where are you?

Take everything, my ipod
Take my keys, take my flare, take it all
Take my shoes, I’m riding solo
My memories, take all my photos
Take my clothes take my clothes my tight blue jeans
Take everything

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