Apple iPad Launched

Apple has launched the iPad, the tablet known in rumour land as the iSlate, the iTablet, the Jesus tablet. At the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco Steve Jobs and team provided visual demonstrations of the new iPad, revealing that the new machine will be on sale in 60 days. The 7:14 minute video, hosted at, features four of Apple’s Vice Presidents talking through the iPad’s features.

Apple iPad Demo

Phil Schiller Senior Vice President Worldwide Product Marketing, talks about Apple’s hopes for the iPad. Johnny Ive, Vice President Design takes the iPad through its paces, focusing on user experience. Scott Forstall, Vice President, iPhone Software, introduces the apps that have been designed specifically for the Apple iPad. “It just feels right to hold the internet in your hands as you surf it”. Bob Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Hardware introduces the A4 silicon chip technology that powers the iPad.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Apple iPad Bookcase

Apple iPad Demo

Apple iPad Demo

Apple iPad Demo

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  • Jimmy Burnett

    If the iPad sells at the right prices I might actually look into buying one of these. I’d pay $500 for a model that supports flash, silverlight and lets me watch Hulu!

    • Tobias Jones

      $500 US dollars that is.

  • Finally I managed to watch the video, yesterday I just couldn’t make it after 1 min on the Apple site it got stuck, probably too much traffic 🙂

    The price is really amazing for me… and I believe it’s fast. I could consider buying one, but in the end, there are 10 reasons for Not buying an iPad: