ANZ Fraud Squad

Australian bank ANZ has launched a humorous television advertising campaign for their updated security systems, featuring the ANZ Fraud Squad, a team of ANZ employees doing whatever it takes to help protect ANZ customers from online credit card fraud. In “Helium Gas” the boss (the straight guy) tests making an unauthorised internet purchase on a card, resulting in the card omitting helium gas (rather than poisonous gas). In “Ball” one of the team tests making an unauthorised withdrawal from an ATM resulting in a security balloon device coming out of the card. The ads resolve with the ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee, ensuring ANZ customers can bank on safe online shopping. The campaign comes off the back of research and customer insight that found security-related factors were the most important considerations that people took into account when choosing a credit card.

ANZ Fraud Squad

Click on the image below to play the Helium Gas video.

Click on the image below to play the Ball video.


The Fraud Squad campaign was developed at DDB Melbourne by executive creative director Grant Rutherford, creative director Jim McKeown, creative team Andre Hull and Lee Sunter, business managers Tess Doughty and Kristian Hunt. ANZ staff included head of retail product marketing Paul Riley, senior manager marketing deposits Melissa Hendrickson, and senior manager marketing credit cards Kirsty Tucker.

Filming was shot by director Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films. Editing was done at The Editors. Media agency was Mitchells.