Annie Lennox Sings for Universal Child

British singer/songwriter Annie Lennox performed a new song, “Universal Child”, during her broadcast appearance on the American Idol Gives Back show on Wednesday night. Prevented from traveling to the Los Angeles show to perform live, Annie Lennox provided a video of her visits with Avelile, a 7-year-old African girl struggling with pneumonia and AIDS, before launching the premiere of “Universal Child”.

Annie Lennox and child with HIV AIDS and pneumonia

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the video of Annie Lennox talking about the recording in YouTube

Annie performed in her well known black t-shirt with the words “HIV Positive” slogan, a symbol of her campaign to remove the stigma from HIV positive people so they can get the treatment they need. Lennox has worn the shirt before for numerous public appearances including “Idol Gives Back” in 2008 and when she performed “Chain of Fools” with Aretha Franklin at the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert. She sells a version of the “HIV Positive” shirt on her official website.

Annie Lennox in HIV Positive T-Shirt

Click here to watch a video of Annie Lennox explaining the meaning behind her HIV POSITIVE t-shirt.

SING was founded by Annie Lennox, and uses internet, television, music and film to campaign, educate, and create advocacy on the issues of HIV AIDS. SING is working to raise greater awareness about the issues faced by women and children affected by the HIV AIDS pandemic, especially in Sub Saharan Africa where the virus is most prevalent. SING gives support to women and children who are directly affected by the HIV AIDS pandemic, by helping women to empower themselves, their families and communities at a grassroots level.

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  • v.s.gaudio

    The walking androgynous Annie Lennox
    V. S. Gaudio

    I can say that Annie Lennox seems to have a blood-amorphous paradigm that often characterizes those who have no power or emotional depth, and is useless to seek it twice or punctum or a shadow, a paradigm is absolutely iconic, “dry” and “indifferent”, which to be seen and heard, it seems that widens as the “tolerance” or to relax as the “benevolence”?
    What attracts me the modus cantandi lies precisely in this apparent lack of emotional power that, if you go to hear, does not alter the intensity or the exuberance of melody, indeed deprives the unnecessary frills and emphasizes the broad provision.
    The lack of depth, that does not mean it is low or tenderness androgynous, sharpened and more impulsive the allure, with vertical movements and centripetal, and in periods of prevailing sanguine attitude is like whether the iconicity of the body is doing more pronounced and powerful.
    Annie Lennox is that Shakira is perhaps not that could stage a concert in the Auditorium of Reconciliation, but as she goes to sign quickly, but without haste, for this listener think that you are rushing, however, as any enticing gait, d ‘Moreover, this is his “walk”, has the lightness and the slow side Avanti: allure as close-hauled, when, in tight corners, the sense can never be dull, which is why this almost erotic exposition syllabic has no emotions hidden double what it dry and sensuality essential if not the style distinct, clear, sharp and clear attitude of Blood brisk, dry and bitter primary non-emotional, so that the emotion breaks, with an amplitude or deflection and which goes to explain the implosion of the caress, that reminds me of what Cocteau wrote to Marlene Dietrich: “Your name begins with a caress and ends with a shot of whip. ( …) Your voice, your eyes are those of Lorelei, but Lorelei was dangerous. But you’re not, because the secret of your beauty is to take care of the heart line. And ‘your heart line that puts you on top of elegance, fashion, styles, even above the (…) your past (…) and your songs. “

  • monelise

    When I heard Annie sing this song, I cried. I couldn’t help but pick up the phone and send $ 25.00. What a beautiful song. So moving and it touched my heart along with Lorelei. WOW!!!

  • Yolanda

    This is the best. I couldn’t help but cried when I saw the story and heard the song. Annie Lennox you are the best! I even posted this on my facebook, and the music forever embedded on my iphone.

  • Rick

    If only other gifted and talented artist like Annie lennox would just give 10% of their earnings this terrible and tragic disease could be beaten.We all have a responsibility in this situation.I feel too many of us sit back waiting on others to fix our problems.Please let us all do our share.Thank you Annie for being who you are.And I truly thank everyone that contributes to this ordeal.