Andes Teletransporter

Andes, the leading beer in the Andina Region of Argentina, is winning awards for Andes Teletransporter, a revolutionary invention capable of doing something almost impossible. Men can now go to a bar and share an Andes beer with friends without having any problems with their girlfriends. Andes Teletransporter Booths have been installed at the main bars of Mendoza, Argentina, giving men the capacity to be somewhere else while talking to their girlfriends. The campaign won Grand Prix for Outdoor, Silver for Direct, and Bronze for Promotion and Activation, at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010.

Andes Teletransporter

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The Teletransporter campaign was developed at Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi by chief creative directors Maxi Itzkoff and Mariano Serkin, creative director Javier Campopiano, copywriter Patricio del Sante, art director Carlos Muller, designers Bruno Tortolano, Juan Pedro Porcaro, agency producers Adrian Aspani, Camilo Rojas, Patricio Martinez, account director MarĂ­a Lorena Pascual, account executive Jaime Vidal, booth designers AD Productions.

Filming was shot by Nico and Martin at Primo Buenos Aires, with executive producer Carolina Cordini, director of photography Leando Fillol. Post production was done at Cinecolor. Audio post production was done at Supercharango.

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