Amnesty Words

Amnesty International supporters have used the power of words to demand freedom and justice for countless human rights defenders around the world. Our words are proof that when you stand up for human rights, you never stand alone. The video “Words”, introduced by Morgan Freeman and narrated by British Iranian actress Nanzanin Boniadi, has been nominated for a Webby. Voting closes today.

Amnesty Words

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Words was produced at Curious Pictures, New York, by director Rohitash Rao, director of photography David Griffiths and producer Pamela Mahan. Voiceover is British Iranian actress Nanzanin Boniadi. Music is by Elias Arts.

Morgan Freeman’s introduction was produced at Pictures in a Row by director Peter Lang, producer Andrew Halpern.

  • Words are needed in Christian, Islamic & Jewish cultures to help stop violence and war. So, please – stop fighting for territory, ressources, power, money etc. when all the above religions actually advice against it. Truely. Re-read your spiritual guidance with love and respect the way your God/Allah intended them to be read – and stop the hurting. Start respecting. Start loving. Start being at peace. We can do it. Peace 🙂