Amnesty International Irony

Amnesty International has launched “Irony”, a campaign based on documentary photographs taken in Caracas, Venezuela, each providing contrasts between the names and the landscape. “El Paraíso” (Paradise) and “El Placer” (Pleasure) were names given to districts to describe the goodness offered to citizens decades ago. Because of indifference from authorities and residents these areas have experienced a significant drop in standards of housing, human rights and community life. “Indifference turns reality into contradiction. Demand dignity.”

Amnesty Paradise

Amnesty Pleasure

Amnesty Peace


The Irony campaign was developed at Publicis Venezuela, Caracas, by creative directors Noraida Otazo, Demian Campos, Jose Juan Sanguinetti, art director Jose Antonio Hernandez, copywriter Jose Juan Sanguinetti, planners Carlos Rodriguez ad Julio Grande.