AMF Caterpillar

AMF, the Swedish pension company, commissioned “Caterpillar”, an effects-laden commercial, recently recognised with an award for outstanding animated character in a broadcast program or commercial at the Visual Effects Society 2010 awards. A caterpillar struggles with the chaotic, unfair and fragile nature of life, interacting with CG created insects of six other species, before emerging as a butterfly and flying off into the sunset. “Framtiden – ett ganska bra skal att pensionsspara” is translated in English as “Future – a pretty good reason to save for retirement”.

AMF Caterpillars

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The Mills Steve Beck had only three weeks to animate the seven different types of species featured in the spot.
Robert Sethi, Jamie O’Hara, Becky Porter, Steve Beck

Background scenes filmed: Spanish island of Majorca


Caterpillar was developed at Forsman & Bodenfors by project manager Leif Sorte, art director John Bergdahl, copywriter Jacob Nelson, agency producer Magnus Kennhed, and production manager Linda Hymer.

Filming of the background scenes in Majorca was shot by director Filip Engström via Camp David with director of photography Linus Sandgren, executive producer Peter Kydd, producer Anna Adamson.

Editor was Noah Herzog at General Editorial.

Post production and VFX were produced at The Mill, Los Angeles, by producer Asher Edwards, CG supervisor Robert Sethi, shoot supervisor John Leonti, CG artists Jamie O ‘Hara, Steve Beck, John Leonti, Chris Cushley, Matt Longwell, lead compositor Becky Porter, compositors Zach Lo, Tara DeMarco, Giles Cheetham, Chris Knight, Phil Crowe, colorist Damien Van Der Cruyssen.